Making new friends on social media is always an interesting experience which could be a thrill and at the same time challenging to an individual during the initial stages. So the question is, have you ever made a friend on any social media platforms and especially on twitter? If the answer to this question is yes, you would be very much very well familiar with what am about to talk about. Social media platforms and with a special respect to twitter, have been well renowned and reputed for being avenues for people to make new friends and partnerships. As many people have done so, they have termed the experience as a blessing in disguise situation and true to these words, it has turned out to be a blessing when you finally get to make a new friend.

Well, am sure you still wondering how twitter likes will get you a new friend. Well, you need not wonder any more. As a matter of fact, things happen in oblivion and nature takes its course. In the event that you post a joke or any other post on your twitter handle, those who are within your social circles on twitter will like it and perhaps even retweet it as many times as possible. The more twitter likes you attract, the more people will develop a keen interest to know you better and perhaps on a personal level. Well, it is that simple and you get to meet new and amazing people you never actually thought that you would meet in your life.